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This is an early demo build of my new solo-dev project, a challenging indie roguelite-shmup-deckbuilder where you control two ships at the same time and if either explode, it's game over!

Single player, local co-op will be 'officially' supported in the final release (nothing really stopping you splitting the controls in the meantime if you fancy though!)

It's not exactly in early-access (for now anyhoo), this is just a good old fashioned demo, because even though the final project's got a long way to go, I wanted to give people a taste of what I'm making early on!

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  • 3 Stages (Play 2 in a run)
  • 30 Regular Enemies
  • 3 Bosses
  • 50 Player Cards + Unique Boss Cards
  • Unlockable upgrades for the starter deck

The final game should have all this and much more!

Only supports Mouse and Keyboard at the moment, and the demo only has very basic Options so far - again the full game should have a lot more you can adjust (more details in the "FUTURE PLANS" menu in-game). Feel free to drop some feedback in the comments.


If you do find a bug, or the game crashes on you etc, I would hugely appreciate it if you could leave a comment here or message me over on Twitter at @RobGamesThingy or whatever with as much detail as you can muster so I can SQUASH THAT BUG!!

Build Version 0.0.11 (Windows Only)


- Added custom key mapping in the Options menu

- Added the ATTICUS upgrade card

- Reduced gold costs of BOMB, BOMB+ and THE BIGGUN hand cards

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Card Game
TagsArcade, Deck Building, GameMaker, Roguelike, Roguelite, Sci-fi, Shoot 'Em Up, Space

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If you've downloaded a previous version, just download and use the new version here and it should work with any existing save files.


The Falcon Shuffle (Early Demo) v0.0.11.zip 78 MB

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great game, music, ideas and dialogues. sure that's a lot of potential.

but I think you could work on some feedback.

for example, when playing most people don't actually pay attention on health bars, so some feedback for when your ship is on critical, or/and more when taking damage could help.

another example may be when shooting, it's a little hard to see the player's bullets sometimes, so making the bullets bigger, or adding more particles and/or sounds could help.

and things like those.

(I'm kinda bad at playing, so maybe it's just me.)

congratulations for the project, it's a good one!

(sorry for possible English errors)

Hey thank you! :)

Feedback is welcome and I agree with what you've said! I was thinking of adding a damage sound effect for each ship when you're hit to make it more obvious when you've taken damage (and which ship has been hit) - and I like the idea of making feedback on the ship itself more obvious too (maybe make the sprite look damaged at half health and smoke effects on the last few hp or something - I'll have a think!)

And yes at some point I might give all the bullets a bit more attention (I've been thinking of adding a collision effect when they hit stuff other than just the damage number popping up, which might help visibility too - and always more room for particles lol)

And hey your English is great! :)

Thanks for playing!!

you're welcome, and thank you!


There’s lots to love here - standout for me is the cute characterisation in the intro! (+ i love that there’s a side-along novella!) and can imagine some fantastic things coming from the upgrade structure. But found the two ships a bit too much to handle. I’d love to try this co-op some time, but are there plans to maybe have an AI companion? Or does that conflict too much with the two ship risk hook? :)

lovely game, love seeing the new ideas it introduces to the genre, looking forward to seeing it grow!

Thanks for the kind words! :)

I'm planning on adding proper local co-op in the final game once I've added controller support and stuff too (for now you can kinda share a keyboard if you're comfortable with very close couch co-op haha)

I have thought about adding an AI companion as an option, or some kind of accessibility option to let you only control one ship one way or another, it's something I'd like to figure out in the long run! As you say the two ship risk hook side of things is part of what I enjoy about the game myself, but I'm all for difficulty/accessibility options to let folk play how they like (co-op, control one ship, whatever!), just gotta figure them out :)

Thanks again for playing!!

I'd really like if there was customizable input, or at least support for AZERTY. I'm looking forward to online support ^_^

Thanks for checking it out! :) I'm definitely planning customisable key support including AZERTY - sorry this demo is very early and is a bit bare-bones for options!

Online support would be great, if I'm honest that might well be beyond what I can manage flying solo (I'm not very good at this haha) but haven't ruled it out yet!

Well I wasn't planning on updating the demo but you convinced me to prioritise custom inputs haha, so I've just uploaded a new version where you can remap the keys in the options menu if you need to :)


Perfect! I've played the game solo and there's a lot I like, the concept, the art style, the upgrade system, the boss... nice game!

Ahh thank you! :D

That means a lot, I'm glad you liked it and thanks so much for playing!