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I recently released a playable demo for a new spaceship shootin', deckbuildin', roguelite game called THE FALCON SHUFFLE (you'll want to at least just give its trailer a watch first!)

I also recently got curious about what visual novel editors are out there for some reason, so a couple of evenings messing about with Ren'Py on a whim and reusing a handful of assets from my game later, here we are, whatever this is!

So what is this? It's a roughly 3-4 minute long sort of visual novel thing that's basically one long meta ramble written more or less as a stream of consciousness in one evening with the telly on in the background.

Anyhoo, you can play it in your browser above (Ren'Py's browser support is in beta and images sometimes look a little funky when they load in, but it's pretty solid) OR you can download it below if for some reason you want to keep this thing I cobbled together safe for all of time (or until computers stop being a thing).

Note 2: Yes the characters' names are Carl and Not Carl, this is a thing you can find out if you play the demo for The Falcon Shuffle itself enough times...



TheFalconShuffleAVISUALNOVELLA-1.0-pc.zip 50 MB
TheFalconShuffleAVISUALNOVELLA-1.0-mac.zip 16 MB

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